Beginning of the 41. UNESCO session and a demo for the Forest – show your support!

Current events naturally have to do with the 41. UNESCO session taking place in Cracow.
Significantly, it is already known as a fact that the issue of the Bialowieza Forest will be discussed at the session, and on Wednesday morning the decision will be taken whether the special expert mission will be sent to the Forest. Hopefully, UNESCO will react against Minister Szyszko’s decisions (the logging) and rely on scientific knowledge.
On Sunday, July 2., first action for the Forest took place in Cracow. Representatives of the Camp for the Forest, which is the camp in one of the forest villages – a place to stay, learn about the situation and get involved, told about the camp, their protests and why the Forest should be protected.

Today, July 4., at 4 p.m. a demonstration of support for the idea of protection of the Bialowieza Forest is going to take place in Cracow.

Meanwhile, in the photos from the session (by Greenpeace), you can see a little but very telling trick.

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