Forest road blocked for trucks with spruces

Today in the morning a road was blocked for trucks that carry out spruces from the forest. The trees on the trucks are about 120 and 130 years old. Protesters want to bring attention to illegal logging taking place in the Forest despite UNESCO decisions, Natura 2000 directives and the European Court of Justice ban.

State Forest keep repeating that the reason behind the logging is struggle with the bark beetle outbreak and people’s safety. However, scientists and activists point to the fact that the trees carried out from the Forest are with no bark, so they are either free from the bark beetle and therefore no case for further infestation,or have been debarked in the forest with bark beetles left behind. Moreover, the logging takes place all over the Forest, usually far away from any roads.

All in all, the logging is being conducted for purely commercial reasons.

(photo: Pracownia na Rzecz Wszystkich Istot)

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