(Inter)national march for the Bialowieza Forest

On Sunday, August 13., a big march for the Bialowieza Forest took place near Pogorzelce (vicinity of Bialowieza).

Despite the rainy weather, the event gathered together about 800 people who met to demonstrate their disagreement with the World Heritage being cut down to the ground and changed into planks and plywood.

Local inhabitants also wanted to emphasize that their business and family income is often based on tourist industry, which suffers greatly from the logging. People from all over Poland wanted to say that Bialowieza Forest is part of their national identity, their national pride and distance does not mean anything – the Forest belongs to all of us and we have to speak for it, to defend it. People from abroad pointed out that this is heritage of humanity in general, and logging is a barbaric act, carried out with no understaning of nature and no respect for future generations.

Thank you everybody for being there and showing your support!

(photos Gazeta Wyborcza)

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