More forest guards in the Bialowieza Forest

Despite all decisions, calls, scientific evidence, European Commission referring Bialowieza Forest District to the EU Court of Justice, the logging is going on without any change and without a stop. Moreover, like an evidence that nothing is going to change and to try to prevent any future blockades, K. Tomaszewski – general director of State Forests – has decided to send even more forest guards to the Bialowieza Forest.
At present there are 3 additional guards from each regional directorate sent to Białowieza Forest – 48 in total. However, to ensure ‘continuity of management activities’ 4 instead of 3 guards are to be delegated from each regional unit of State Forests, beginning with July 23rd. It gives 64 instead of the current – also recently increased – number of 48. Most probably, this is the reaction to the blockades that the activists managed to carry out despite the presence of numerous forest guards and the police.
It should be added here, that the forest guards are more and more agressive and disrespectful towards the activists.

Below you can see photos from the violent intervention during the last blockade. (Thank you Małgosia Klemens for the pictures!)

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  1. Thank you activists! Your work is not easy but it is very important. I am inspired by your commitment

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