UNESCO decission today. Two blockades in the Forest!

UNESCO session is taking place – the Bialowieza Forest issue is being discussed today in Cracow.

Meanwhile, in the Forest, there are two blockades. One of them, the 7th one, lasts uniterruptedly since yesterday. The machines are blocked deep in the Forest and the activists are outside mobile phone range, so no streaming is possible.

The other one, the 8th one, has just started. Despite the presence of the activists that attached themselves to one of the machines, the works are not stopped. The situation seems dangerous at times. There is also police at the site.

The message of the blockades is clear: Our heritage not for sale!

The whole World is also with us. At the site of blockades there are people from Poland, Czech Republic, Spain, USA.

Also yesterday 13 MEPs sent a letter to commissioner Karmenu Vella to take Poland to Court of Justice and stop logging in Bialowieza forest.


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