7th blockade in the Forest – our heritage is not for sale!

Parallel events with one goal in mind are happening now – UNESCO session and the 7th blockade of heavy machines in the Bialowieza Forest, because our heritage is World’s heritage and not for sale!

Today in the morning, near Topiło another blockade started. Activists used heavy barrels filled with concrete to make it impossible for the timber-harvesting machines to leave their parking lot in Majdan, near Topiło – a village at the heart of the Forest. The machines had been used for felling trees in over 100-year-old stands in the UNESCO area that should be excluded from any timber extraction.

People taking part in the blockade come from Poland (connected with Dzika Polska, Camp for the Forest), the Czech Republic and the USA.

Today a big demonstration is going to take place in Cracow at 4 p.m. If possible, be there! Let’s show our support for the Forest!

At the same time a counter-demonstration of foresters is going to be held. Very often the foresters themselves are not willing to participate but are delegated by the State Forests and have nothing to say. This is a part of State Forests’ propaganda. But if the voice of solidarity with the Forest is strong these days, we can do much. We can be heard.

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