Come to the Forest on 13th of August! Help us defend World Heritage!

As logging has been carried out without any break, despite all decisions and against European law, we need to take action! We have to show our support for protection of the last primeval lowland forest on European Continent. We have to spread our message and spread it wide and loud. That is why, if you have no other plans and can come for the weekend of 11 – 13. of August, do come to Białowieża!

There will be many events organized. Please, watch the video below for more info.

There will be concerts, discussions and, last but absolutely not least – march for the Forest. We will walk to a logging site and show how law is violated and that we cannot agree with it.

We have to speak in the name of nature that cannot speak for itself in its own defence. Be with us!

We also enclose a list of some guest houses that support the idea of protection. Maybe you will choose to support them.

Galeria Kresy, Pogorzelce

Rousseau’s manor, Świnoroje (German )

East Side Story, Pasieki (German)

Circus Wagons, Pasieki (German)

Czar Puszczy, Białowieża

Wiśniowy Sad, Białowieża

Noclegi w Białowieży, Białowieża

Dom na Wschodzie, Siemianówka

Domki w Białowieży – Białowieża, accommodation website

Dwór na Otulinie, Białowieża, +48 500 295 359, +48 507 666 557

Pod Szumiącą Topolą, Białowieża, Południowa 19A Białowieża

Pod Skansenem, Białowieża

Unikat, Białowieża

Stoczek, Białowieża

PL Outback, Białowieża, Graniczna 13, +48  723 135 666

Domek Jaskółka, Białowieża, Zastawa 58, +48  607 207 575

Kwiatowa Zagroda, Białowieża, Olgi Gabiec 1, +48 85 681 23 16, +48 600 120 131

Pokoje u Ireny, Bialowieża, Olgi Gabiec 21, +48 85 681 24 13

Bajeczny Domek,  Białowieża, Waszkiewicza 90, +48 85 681 22 27


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