Scientific papers, letters, regulations


Court of Justice of the European Union PRESS RELEASE No 13/18 – Logging of the Białowieża Forest assessed unlawful by CJEU Advocate General, 20.02.2018

Commission refers Poland to the Court of Justice of the EU and requests interim measures to stop logging operations in one of Europe’s last remaining primeval forests, 12.7.2017

UNESCO decision, IUCN website, 5.7.2017

UNESCO DECISION from UNESCO website, 5.7.2017


FSC statement on the Bialowieza Forest dispute between the EU and Polish authorities

Many letters and petitions have been written to support nature conservation in the Bialowieza Forest.

You can find some of them here. More of tham are going to be added soon.

Ecology Professors from Germany, Belgium, UK, USA addressing Polish President, PM and Minister of Environment

Participants of the 2 nd International Conference on Forests Neuschönau, Germany to Minister of Environment, Jan Szyszko

Letter from artists, writers, filmmakers to Polish President and PM – in German

Letter of tourist industry’s representatives to Polish Government – in German and Polish

Letter of local inhabitants to Polish Government – in Polish

Letter of local inhabitants to Ambassadors and UNESCO representatives

NGOs’ complaint to European Commission – in Polish

Letter to Polish Ambassador in Berlin – Polish

Letter to Polish Ambassador in Berlin – German

European Commission’s request to stop large scale logging, in point 3. Environment

The Position of the board of the Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection of the University of Silesia in Katowice on increased logging in the Bialowieza Forest

Position of the Committee for Nature Conservation of the Polish Academy of Science regarding the increased tree cutting in the Bialowieza Forest

Open letter to Polish PM and Minister of Environment from the Society of Ecological Restoration

Scientific papers

Dispute over the future of the Bialowieza Forest: myths and facts – a voice in the debate, by distinguished Polish scientists

The State Council for Nature Conservation’s opinion regarding the draft annex to the Forest Development Plan in Bialowieza forest district

Please, do not disturb ecosystems further, D. Lindenmayer, S. Thorn, S. Banks, Nature Ecology & Evolution

The Białowieża Forest – a UNESCO Natural Heritage Site – protection priorities, Research Gate

Dispute over the future of the Białowieża Forest: myths and facts. A voice in the debate, Research Gate


FULL LIST OF TIMBER BUYERS from the Bialowieza Forest

NGOs’ Complaint to the EU Commission on alleged breach of Union Law

Briefing of WWF report from the monitoring of forest habitats


NGOs’ fact sheet – Save Bialowieza Forest


30 preguntas sobre el escarabajo de la corteza, los silvicultores y los ecologistas en el Bosque de Bialowieza