Extreme-right movement plans actions against activists

Not only has the logging been going on as before, as if no regulations or decisions have been taken, but also the informal group of National Hajnówka wants to get involved against activists.

The movement is connected with National Radical Camp – Polish extreme-right movement. They published a call on their fb feed in which they always use the word “terrorists” as referring to activists. They claim that the activists invade houses and destroy crops, and make forest works more difficult. Therefore, they want to patrol the Forest and block activists’ actions to ‘protect local inhabitants.’ They see it as their patriotic duty. In fact, our heritage is cut down, carried out of the region and sold for the benefit of the State Forests, whereas the rest of the society remains with no profit. Moreover, foresters are one of groups that has the best employment conditions in Poland. Recently, their salaries have been raised again.

Never has the Forest been ‘actively protected’ by harvesters and also never at the present pace.


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