Illegal logging – all timber removal limits much exceeded long ago

Only until mid July 93,916 cubic metres of timber were removed from the Bialowieza Forest (c. 10,000 trees). This number equals doubled yearly timber removal plan. As much as 41% of trees were cut down in over 100-year-old forest stands, which means – illegally. All of the logging in Białowieza Forest District is also illegal. Till the end of September the amount of removed timber increased to 138,000 m3.

Meanwhile, Ministry of Environment claims no commercial logging is taking place in the Forest and that the only works conducted here are necessary to protect forest stands of special natural value. As a result of such protection the Forest is disappearing and endangered species are losing their habitats. Beautiful forest stands around Wilczy Tryb – where the blockade is being held for over a week now – had qualified for protection as a reserve or national park. Now, they actually, exist no more.


And the nightmare is going on. So are the blockades.


Photo: Małgosia Klemens – Thank you!

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