List of companies buying timber from the Forest

A list of companies buying timber from the Bialowieza Forest was published by, an independent information website. Jurnalists of had already addressed the State Forests before, asking for the list. However, their request had been turned down on the excuse of this information being confidential. The only information they obtained were the towns where logs were transported.

So, the journalists asked readers for help in finding out who the buyers were. Much to their surprise, the reply came immediately. This time, the list included only the names of companies, without their address. Putting the two lists together resulted in one FULL LIST OF TIMBER BUYERS with names and addresses.

You can also follow the link for an interactive MAP with the companies marked on it.

The timber is transported across Poland and used mostly for plywood and pallets. Some of the companies declare on their websites that they have Forest Stewardship Council certificate or that they use only certified timber. The FSC certificate stands for wood that is harvested legally without damage to precious natural values. Yet, Bialowieza Forest districts lost this certificate in 2010 and do not have it anymore. What is more, the logging is illegal and banned by the EU Court of Justice.


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